I’ve always appreciated beautiful women, but making a true connection and forming a relationship with any of them seemed impossible. I ran into a former girlfriend who married someone else, and we had a serious talk about my behavior with dates. She claimed that the reason she drifted away from me was because she felt I wasn’t really serious about a relationship, and she wanted someone who appreciated her attributes other than her looks. This was a complete shock, so I decided it was time to look at my dating habits.

Going through a mental list of all the women I had dated in the past showed me how correct she was. A woman’s looks seemed to be the most important factor when choosing a date, and we always drifted apart after a few months. Most of them were intelligent, but we never seemed to have much in common. I realized that if I wanted to settle down, I would have to change my ways.

At first, it seemed impossible that I would ever find a compatible woman without considering her appearance. I just wasn’t attracted to women unless they were gorgeous, and I eventually talked to a family friend about my problem. He suggested I find a hobby that interested me and ask out a few of the women who were involved in it too. His advice didn’t work too well at first, but now I think I’ve gotten the hang of it.

While none of these dates turned up a compatible partner, I have found that it is enjoyable to spend time with a woman as just a friend. This has given me a new outlook on dating, and I feel that eventually I might find the right woman for a truly committed relationship that will last for the rest of my life.